Alpaca Update ~ 10/19

Hello everyone,

When I last left Alpaca yesterday (Saturday), he had food gathered in his cheeks again, which was a sign that he wasn’t swallowing. However, when I came in this morning to give him his fluids, the swelling was gone. This tells me that he was able to eat what was there.

When I spoke to Dr. – I had mentioned the MG possibility. She was open to the idea, but not really convinced. Since it is mostly seen in dogs, their clinic would not have medicine to treat it. But it’s something she would keep in mind.

This morning I offered Alpaca a buffet of choices to eat. I was excited to watch him eat something. I was convinced that the disappearance of his cheek swelling meant something good. However, I became disappointed. He acted like he wanted to eat, but nothing was happening.

I left the facility for a little while after his 10 am fluids and when I returned to give him his 2 pm fluids, I noticed something immediately. The alfalfa hay I offered him was gone. All other parts of his buffet were there, but the alfalfa was gone. I quickly asked the helpers if they had touched his stall and they said no. So I can only assume that Alpaca has eaten something. This, to me, is a HUGE step in the right direction. It gives me a glimmer of hope. I can also say that he is getting a lot more active in his stall. Usually I can administer his fluids and meds on my own with no problem, but today he made it more difficult. He was walking all over the place and made me dizzy as he walked circles around me and I tried to keep up to make sure his fluid line didn’t get in the way.

So for now, we are going to keep doing what we are doing. I picked up more fluids from the vet as well as more of his medication. Might as well keep doing what appears to be working. The helpers should have given Alpaca more alfalfa tonight, so I am hoping that I don’t see any alfalfa in his stall when I get in for his 6 am fluids.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and take it one day at a time. 🙂


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