Alpaca Update ~ 10/21

Hello Everyone,

I wish I could tell you that Alpaca is slowly coming around, but I can’t.

The fluids and medication are keeping his body in this fight, but there is still that one important factor… he is not eating. I truly believe he is not eating because he lost the ability to swallow.

This morning, when I went to give him his fluids, I noticed something new with him. He is sounding like he is congested with each breath. He is making gurgling sounds. He has started to make efforts to drink from his water bucket, however, he kind of does it like a bird does. He is taking water into his mouth and throwing his head back to let the water go down. He probably found a way around not being able to swallow. Unfortunately, I think this has caused him to take water into his lungs and he is starting to aspirate and he occasionally needs to cough.

I really hate to say this, but it will be time to make another decision. I will be running out of fluids tomorrow. As much as I want to go to the doctor and get more… I think we are fighting a losing battle. The fact that he is now aspirating also concerns me. I have spoken to Dr. – today and given her an update. She has been off work these past 2 days but has called to check in. We were both hoping for a positive turn around and at certain points it seemed like we were getting one. She and I have both been trying to find answers with books and using the internet. It’s just such a frustrating case that nobody has ever heard of.

How shall we go forward from here?

*** The decision was made to continue his treatments until Friday, or until his condition worsened. The plan was to get more fluids ***


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