Alpaca Update ~ Finale 10/22

I came into work this morning.. like I have been every morning before the sun rises. I turned the lights on in the stalls and made my way to Alpaca. He was laying on his side, his head stretched out. I gathered my IV fluids and antibiotics and my way to him. I knew right away something was wrong.. and I was right.

Alpaca could no longer get up and he couldn’t even lift his head. I had to hold his head up just to get the fluids to flow. It seems his body finally gave up.

Sadly, I had to make the necessary phone calls, and announce it was time to let him go.

Dr. – showed up and we were both somber. We so wanted him to get better and knew that if he did it would be a miracle. Seeing, his condition, she was more at ease to send him off. It is always hard to put an animal down who still appears to be ok. Like an animal who has been diagnosed with cancer, but the disease hasn’t started to make them suffer yet.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I wasn’t sure if I could be there to hold him as she gave him that final shot. I didn’t know how he would act. But, I had to be there. He was laying on the side that had the catheter, someone needed to be there to lift his neck.

I walked in with her, looking at the fluid in her syringe. It’s strange how something that looks like strawberry kool-aid can end a life. I knelled beside Alpaca and took his head into my arms. I began stroking his face and listening to his gurgling breathing. Yes, it was time to let him go.

Dr.- asked me if I was ready. I said “I guess…. is there something I should know? I have never done this before… should I be prepared for a reaction?”

She told me not to worry. He should pass peacefully and quickly. He may move his legs a bit and maybe take some deep breaths.. but nothing that’s going to make me freak out.

I nodded and said I was ready. As I watched her aspirate the syringe and his blood flowed into the syringe and she slowly pushed the liquid into his catheter, that’s when I began to cry. This whole time, I wasn’t sure I was going to, but right there, at that moment, it took me. I watched Alpaca in my arms. I stroked his face and the tears ran down my face. My lips quivered and I held back from sobbing heavily. I watched him breath, he was silent. … but then his silence was broken with his little alpaca purr. He is such a gentle creature and now his fight was ending.

His passing took longer than I expected. I was expecting something that happened quickly, but instead I think we were with him for a few minutes. Hard to day really.

Finally, the moment came and Dr. – announced that he was gone. The tears flowed once more and I placed his head softly back on the shavings. We did all we could and while he was alive, I gave him the best possible life ever. Now he is in Alpaca Heaven.. where he is eating so many carrots and surrounded by females.

Being there for him, as he took his last breaths, was oddly peaceful and calming. It’s almost like gaining closure. Of being there all the way to the end. I felt good about being there for him. Holding him and comforting him. It felt a loving way to let him go.

Be well my Alpaca Friend.


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