Halloween, NaBloPoMo & Lady Gaga

Well, Halloween came and went this year with not a whole lot going on. We had one group of kids come and that’s all. I have decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month. So you’ll be seeing a post here everyday. Want to join the fun, click the badge!

On Halloween, I lost another mini horse at work. He was given to a good home though. So now I am down to just one mini horse left and he is the star of the facility. My sheep were also given away… today in fact. This morning they were loaded into a trailer and taken to a new home. I was not at work today, but I didn’t want to see them leave anyways. One of the sheep was my training animal. I always opened my little show with her. Now she is gone. 😦 I will miss her. I video taped my last training session with her on Halloween.

On a more positive note, I have become a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga. I always loved her song “Just Dance” and have been waiting for her album to come out. I downloaded it 3 days ago and now I am obsessed with her. I even downloaded her videos. Now I am hooked on her song “Poker Face“. I love dance music and her album rocks. If you don’t like dance, then I’m afraid her album is not for you.


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