Just the Normal Hum Drum Sunday

Sunday, day 2 of NaBloPoMo. I had the wonderful experience of waking up to rain this morning. We don’t see enough of it here in So. Cal. So excuse me if I get excited over rain. When it’s a rarity, it a rather wonderful thing to have. For me, it makes things a little more warm, snugly and romantic in the evenings. There’s nothing better than snuggling in bed with Dave, listening to the rain fall outside. A rather nice aphrodisiac if i do say so myself.

Ahem…. so this morning it was back to work for me. When working with animals, there’s not much room for time off. It also seems that everything happens on my day off. I can’t even be away for one day without something happening or going wrong. This morning, it was a broken brooding lamp in our tortoise house. Not a big deal. The roof is very low, only a little over 5 ft at the tallest point. I have even bumped my head on the lamps. Someone finally hit it a little too hard.

The next surprise, though pleasant, was the return of the mini horse that left on Friday. He’s a stallion you see. He’s very energetic and very much a punk. He’s a handful..a BIG handful. Apparently, he didn’t work out so well at his new digs. I’m actually laughing as I am so not surprised. It’s a shame, because he would have had a very good home there. He was “Mr. Destructive.” So the little guy has returned to us for now. Who knows how long he will stay?

The rest of the day went along quite uneventful. After getting home, I pretty much spent the afternoon watching tv, conversing with Dave and playing with the pup. yeah… I feel lazy.

Oh I guess another nice positive is, I have a 5 gallon aquarium on my desk at work. It’s been empty for a few weeks, however I finally got around to buying a new resident. He is a dark red Betta fish. So far so good. My last resident was a blue betta, but he suddenly just died. Before him, 2 goldfish and well.. you know goldfish… they always die easily. I’m not sure what I want to name him.. but so far Crimson seems to be a good choice. Any suggestions? I shall have to post a pic of him here soon.


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