a new president, penicillin and being 30

I can happily post that last night I got much better sleep. I believe I slept through the night and woke up this morning at 5. That’s normal for me. I always wake up 30 min before I have to. Kind of annoying really. Does that mean I am not tired today… nope.. still tired. It’s lunch time for me and the tired feeling usually starts settling in right about night. I just wasn’t tired getting out of bed this morning. Tomorrow night I’ll be at a sleep study. Who knows? It may give me some answers.

So it’s the day after the election.  The world seems to be in a brighter mood. As for me.. I am so incredibly happy that Obama will be our next President! As I was listening to my talk radio station, they were interviewing various people about their reactions to Obama being elected.  These people were African American and their interviews/comments focused mainly on Obama being the first black president in the United States. That they never thought they would see this in their lifetime.

The odd thing is, as I sat back and listened to this, it was never about his color. At least to me. To me he is the man who is going to change our country. To bring us all back from dispair. To make us once more, proud to be an American. Watching his campaign, it was never a struggle to make my choice. My choice was always with Obama. McCain never proved himself to me. McCain was never the better candidate in my opinion.

Perhaps it’s easier for me to sit here and say it isn’t about his color. I am not African American. I have never been a people oppressed. Sure I’m a woman, but it’s not the same. I’m sure if I were, then I would be thrilled to finally have an African American as President.

The bottom line for me is that Obama is the right choice for America in my opinion. And it never mattered what color his is.

This morning as I was walking the zedonk down to the grooming area, a thought ran across my mind. (I get a lot of thinking done while at work.) I was thinking about the fact that when someone asks me how old I am, my reply is 30. 30…. hmmm … it just doesn’t sound right to me. I’ve been 30 for a few months now, in fact almost 1/2 a year. I just don’t feel 30. Does 30 feel a certain way? I guess not. I certainly don’t look 30! I am such a kid at heart. I mean.. I work with animals all day. I am not afraid to get down and play with them. They keep me going and energized. So what the heck… 30 is merely a number, though it sounds so foreign to me. 

Had to pick up penicillin today. I hate penicillin. I hate having to treat an animal with it. Sure, the shot itself is simple. Just point and aim for muscle, but there is one catch. Get it in the bloodstream and it can kill the animal. Yikes! That’s why you should always pull back on the syringe and see if blood pulls in. If not… you are safe and sound. I have to treat one of the mini horses. He’s had a skin condition that just won’t go away. Nothing gross or anything. Just won’t go away no matter how I treat it topically. He was on different antibiotics for a few weeks, but those didn’t make it go away. Hopefully this will. The poor guy has had a skin scraping and a skin biopsy. 

Oh speaking of skin biopsy… have you ever seen one done on a horse before? Interesting stuff. The doctor numbs the area that is going to have the biopsy. Then, she takes this circular instrument, pretty much shaped like a pen, only the end of it is like a cookie cutter. A silver round cookie cutter. She presses this into the skin and turns, until it slices through the skin and a small circular sample is taken. It’s about the size of a thumbtack. This then gets taken and processed and the horse is quickly stitched up with a cross stitch. Vola! 



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2 Responses to “a new president, penicillin and being 30”

  1. Dave Says:

    30…and I am barely a week from 31! Somehow, when I was in my 20’s I expected to feel depressed when my age no longer started with “twenty,” but it really hasn’t been much of a deal for me.

    The skin biopsy thing creeped me out when you told me about it, and has creeped me out again. it’s like watching brain surgery on house!

    Me and our pup are going to miss you during your sleep study tomorow. I hope we learn a lot from it.

  2. geminigirl Says:


    yeah it seems that age is a state of mind. I am going to miss sleeping with you tonight *sad face*

    xo gg

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