A Quickie

Well, tonight I go to my Sleep Study. It sucks that I have to spent the night away from home. Have to spend it away from Dave and the pup. I’m curious how the pup will feel with me being gone. 

Dave has done a sleep study before. This was before he and I ever met. He was able to tell me what to expect and where sensors will go. I am hearing from him and others that the glue that is on the sensors that go on your head is a bitch to get out of your hair. So not looking forward to that! 

So I will be waking up early tomorrow and heading back home to wash out the glue and get ready for work. Perhaps I should call in sick.. tell them that I got no sleep at all during the sleep study? 

Today I saw an eagle. He was in the distance. I saw him fly and land on the ground. I knew it had to be an eagle because 2 hawks were dive bombing him and he was like 3 times their size! It was special to see the eagle, because I have never seen one before in this area. I had no idea that eagles could be seen here. I just wish I had a good camera with a zoom lens. 

Well, that’s all for now. The sleep study for sure will create an interesting post tomorrow. I want to spend my remaining time here at home with Dave.


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