sleep study

So Thursday night I had that sleep study, let me tell you what that was like. …

First off I had a hard time finding the place but once I did, it made me say “duh!” The whole set up was exactly like a regular doctors office. The only difference is there is a main control room with all this equipment in it and the individual patient rooms had beds in them. 

There is a main bathroom down the hall. Should I need to use it after I am “wired up” I would have to call someone and they would unhook me so that I could use the restroom. 

The room itself was nothing special. There was a computer in the corner which never got used by anyone, a big chair, which was used for my overnight bag and a bed. The nightstand was there to hold the box that all the wires plugged into. 

After I went to the bathroom and changed into my pjs, my female technician came in to wire me up. I had for sensors on my head. One behind each ear. One on each temple. One on each lower jaw. One on my chin. 2 on my chest and finally a small mic on my throat. I also had a sensor on my index finger, oh and one on each calf. I also had an airflow sensor. It’s one of those oxygen tubes that sits below your nose, only this one was not pumping oxygen into me, but rather monitoring my breathing. 

After she had me all wired up, the technician helped me into bed. The bed itself was firm and had a plastic sheet covering on the mattress. You could feel and hear it. The sheets were standard hospital linen. There was nothing warm nor inviting about this bed. 

Once I was all tucked in, and after they ran some preliminary tests to calibrate their machines, she left and turned the lights off and closed the door. I was left in bed thinking.. “Oh so I have to go to sleep now?” I don’t know, I thought I would have the option to read for a little while or something. 

So I laid there, on my back, waiting for sleep to take me. Only it wouldn’t. I could hear the other patients in the other rooms. I could hear the staff members walking around and wheel their equipment from room to room. And then I could here my phone buzzing. I knew it was the reply from Dave after I told him I had made it to the clinic. Only, I never got a chance to say more. And now I could hear my phone buzzing at me. Only I couldn’t get to it, because it was on my chair, in my bag and I was stuck in bed, all wired up. Every 5 minutes my phone buzzed, reminding me I had a text. I thought that I would obsess over it, but instead it became a sudden comfort. 

Every time my phone buzzed, it made me think of Dave and I was able to relax a little bit more. I did eventually fall asleep, but I woke up continually. Every little sound woke me up. Being wired didn’t help either. The dam tube on my nose was the most uncomfortable. 

So it would have been nice to actually have gotten some sleep during the sleep study. But hopefully the amount I did get would be enough. I know I did manage to dream, so at some point I managed some deep sleep. If anything, this study will show just how much of a light sleeper I am. 

When they released me at 5 in the morning, I drove home. Dave was still in bed as I got home at 6am. I crawled into bed with him and I have to tell you.. it was the most comforting feeling ever. His warmth welcomed me as well as our oh so wonderfully soft and comfy bed. I was so thankful to be back home and it truly felt like all was right with the world once more. 



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