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So it’s no surprise that I have been doing a lot of blogging about my job situation. It really seemed that I would be losing it any time now… until I spoke to the manager today.

He mentioned to me that the original plan was to slowly get rid of the animals here and then I would be let go. He hated the plan, he did not want this plan and now he has stepped in.

Yesterday, while speaking to the owner, he asked to give his plan a try instead. The owner is not convinced it will work, but I guess he is willing to give it a chance.

The plan, unfortunately, involves laying off the two men that work with me. This part left me breathless and I gasped upon hearing it. I teared up as well. These are good men, that have been nothing but respectful and amazingly helpful with the animals. I can trust them to do things while I am away and they are quick to tell me if something is not right. This lay off is not one I am happy with, but what can I do?

There will be 3 others on the property laid off as well. What this means is jobs will be changing for everyone, including myself. My job may now focus on the care and cleaning of the animals and not so much the training I have been doing. There will be other people stepping up to help me, even people that have never worked with the animals before.

The manager needs money to buy things the facility needs in order to maintain. The manager feels it is better to work on a very short staff, working them a little bit harder, and being able to supply us the things we need, than to have all these people with nothing to do because we have no money to buy anything.

I am the highest paid in my area. So it was only natural that hacking me first would be the best decision. But this was not a decision that settled well with the manager. He did not want to let me go. He sees how well I do my job and realizes the importance to the animals of keeping me around.

So the manager is willing to let a few people go, if it means being able to keep me. The lay offs will more than cover the expense of keeping me. Which, I am grateful that I get to keep my job, but it makes me sad that others have to be let go.

With everything that has been going down, it has been the manager who has stepped up and defended me the most. I thanked him for this. I thanked him with all the appreciation and gratitude I could possibly show a person. I said to him, “thank you for sticking up for me and saving my job. I really appreciate it. ”

And as I sat down to write this post, my cell rings. I answer it and it is the manager. He tells me there was something I said to him that made him think. He said that when I thanked him for saving my job, it wasn’t necessary. He said he didn’t save my job, I saved my job. He said I did my job so well that I made myself too valuable to lose. I can’t begin to tell you how overwhelmed with happiness this made me. It felt so good to have someone praise me. I am so thankful.

So it looks like I will have a job for as long as the facility stands. We are all hoping that things will level off and slowly grow once more. I am going to have to lose a few animals. This will help alleviate the amount of work that us being short staffed will have to accomplish each day.

It’s nice to know, I have a job and I need not worry. It’s still so very sad that a few good people will lose theirs.


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One Response to “this just in”

  1. hbeeinc Says:

    That’s great news! For you, at least…sorry for the other folks, though

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