So today the axe came down. Today the manager had to let 5 people go. Three were our employees and 2 were borrowed from another company. 

Two of them were my helpers. This hit me hard. It hit them hard. I’m still very much upset about it. They got the axe while I was walking the camel. By the time I was finished, we were all called in for a group meeting. Afterwards, I had to spend some time talking with the manager. Once that was over, I made my way back over to my area. 

I burst into tears the second I saw my guys. I am so very very sad for them. I don’t want to see them go. They are good workers. They are hard workers… but most importantly, they care about the animals and I can trust them. I could always trust them to do the things I asked of them when I was not around. If I needed them to take care of a sick animal in my absence, I could count on them. They were the two guys who would wake up at 2 in the morning to give the alpaca his IV fluids. 

Now, they will be leaving us. I am not happy at all. One of them had been with us for 9 years, longer than myself. He couldn’t believe he lost his job. He was so surprised. I could see his eyes well up. 

There will be many changes to come. First of all, we all have to figure out how we can cover for each other. Technically, I am the only one left in my department. So now other’s have to come over to help me out. There is still talk about placing the animals. If everything goes according to plan, I will be left with 5 animals. If that does happen, well then I really can do my job all on my own. 

I hope it doesn’t come down to that. There are some animals I don’t want to let go. One being my pig and the other my goat. They are both training animals. I love the goat.. love her to death. She is so incredibly smart and so into the training. It really would be a shame to get rid of her. As far as the pig goes, well he and I have a bond. Have had him since he was 5 months old. He is now a little past 2. I don’t want to see him go. I can take having to part with some of the other animals… but those 2 I want to stay. 

*sigh* the next few days are going to be very busy, with little time to socialize during the day and to sit in front of a computer. Let’s see what happens ….


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