Cluster F*ck

My job is a huge cluster fuck right now. The recent lay offs have me working double the labor. I find myself exhausted by the end of the day. Lucky for me, I had 2 guys over on my side today and they handled all the stall cleaning. Thank goodness! Gave my body a much needed break!

But things still seem to be a complete mess as far as the animals go. I realize that we will be placing some of them in order to alleviate some of the daily labor. I had always assumed, however, that my training animals would be safe. It has been expressed to me that they would like to continue my shows for the visiting school children. 

The latest animals targeted, are our pigs and goats. We have 2 pot belly pigs, 2 farm pigs and 2 goats. 1 of the farm pigs has been with me since he was 5 months old. He is now 2. He is a training animal and knows a few behaviors.One goat is also a training animal and she is one of my favorites. She completely loves training and is so into it. She is totally aware of positive reinforcement training. I have the most fun and success with her. I always assumed that the 1 pig and the 1 goat would be staying.. but I’m hearing from some, that it isn’t the case. 

When talking to the manager, he assures me that those particular animals are going no where. But I am getting phone calls from a woman, who handles pig rescue, that she has been asked to place the pigs and goats. This is coming from the manager’s mother who also works at my facility. She handles the paperwork. So I have the manager telling me one thing. His mother is not telling me anything. A woman who doesn’t even work at my facility is trying to inform me on what is really going on and what I need to do in order to get the animals ready to go. Plus, add into the mix another woman who was actually the person who rescued the trained pig and brought him to us. She, of course, is trying to have her say in the matter. She wants nothing but the best for him (as do I) But she anthropomorphizes too much. Which, that can get ridiculous. I have waaay too many hands in this cookie jar and I am feeling myself being stretched thin. Meanwhile.. I really don’t know what the fuck is actually going on!

I asked the manager a few days ago why the pigs and goats had to leave. I could see he didn’t have a good answer and replied with cutting back feed costs and labor. I smirked and he asked, “They really don’t take too much do they?” No they don’t. In fact they are the easiest animals I have. I don’t groom the pigs or goats. The pigs don’t go to the bathroom in their stalls so there is no clean up there and the goats have small pellet feces, so you can’t really clean that up. The best you can do is just pick up the wet shavings from where they urinated. The pasture that everyone goes out in takes 5 -10 min to clean. So no.. these animals do not take a lot of time nor money. A bag of pig food is around $15. One bag lasts me more than one week. 

If they really want to get rid of some of the animals.. well then fine. But I don’t see why the training animals have to go. They can stay. I was under the impression that we are trying to trim things back and ride things out. Hopefully, things will start turning upwards again. 

Now I don’t know what to think. Would someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?!? 


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