Final Word?

So I made a half day at work today, using my illness as an excuse. Fact is, I could have probably managed a full work day today, but I wasn’t entirely in the game. Besides, coming home and resting up probably was a good thing in aiding a speedier recovery. 

There were things that needed to be done at work. One of the most important was making a phone call to the one person who will “tell me like it is” at work. I knew talking to her will tell me exactly what’s going on. 

The conversation, at least, told me what’s going on. I am basically working my way out of a job. I am being told that all but 4 animals will be going. Once all of them do go, I will be losing my job. 

When the manager spoke to me a few weeks ago, he told me he hated this plan. That’s why he did everything in his power to keep me there and work around this plan. 

Yet, it looks like it’s still going down. 

So, should I take the lead woman’s word that every animal will be leaving and so will I? Or should I keep the hope that the manager will have his way? What if he has his way? What if, with just the 4 animals left… he convinces them to keep me? I would still have a job.. that’s good. But some of the animals that have left, could have stayed… that’s bad. I don’t know if I should keep fighting to keep certain animals here or just bow out gracefully. 

I see the manager tomorrow , so I guess it’s my time to have a heart to heart. Tell him what I have been told and take it from there. Perhaps there is nothing he can do and though he had this hope to keep me around, it just isn’t possible. The owners financial situation continues to plummet. 

So I am still left with questions. Do I bow out? Or do I make a fight? Can I get the manager to take my side even farther? 

Ugh… only time will tell. 


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