beginning of the end

Well, I put in a full day of work today. Though I use the word “work” lightly. I spent 2 hours of my afternoon talking to the potential buyers of our mini donkeys. She really does seem like she will be a good owner and take very good care of them. The only bummer is, our male will be castrated if she takes him. That way he can be in the same pasture as his “wife” and daughter. The new owner is not interested in breeding the donkeys and obviously he shouldn’t be breeding with his own daughter. 

I was going to talk to the manager today about his take on my “working my way out of a job”. I really didn’t need to, so I didn’t. He answered my question before I could ask. When the potential buyer was talking to us she asked which animals would be staying at the facility. The manager named off the same 4 that I had been told. So, I guess this is the beginning of the end of my days. *sigh* it really is a shame and a bummer. 

Nothing exciting has happened today. So I guess I will just end things here… 


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