Poor Mattie Puppy

And so this is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I have failed and it’s ok. I tried to keep up everyday, but sometimes.. well.. sometimes life just takes over. 

Mattie, our dog, is upset. I have been a very bad mommy lately. I have procrastinated and have not kept up with her daily brushing. Mattie is part terrier, I believe border terrier, but not certain. Her hair gets quite scruffy and grew to about 3 inches in length. Brushing her every day has become necessary to control the chaos of her scruff, but more importantly, to keep her from getting matted. Which is exactly how she got the name Mattie in the first place. 

When she was rescued from the shelter before putting her down, she was completely matted and so her foster family named her Mattie. They clipped her completely and discovered she was also infested with ticks. 

Since coming to my home, I have let Mattie grow her hair out and her scruff has become a part of her personality. But, I have been a bad mommy and realized I needed to get rid of the mats that have started to form in her hair since I have neglected her brushing. 

Dave said we could clip her ourselves… well, after a bathroom covered in dog hair, a lost hour and a dog that is only half finished.. we decided we couldn’t. So we hurriedly brought Mattie to a Petsmart where a wonderful girl gave her a great clip and cut. 

Unfortunately, Mattie doesn’t think so. She is not liking her “nakedness”. Her behavior has changed quite a bit. She is not the playful and joyful pup she once was. She is a bit solemn and just seems upset. Oh well, I guess she will get used to it eventually. Thankfully, her hair will grow back and this time, I WILL take care of my dog. I’m sorry Mattie. 

On the fun side, her being clipped extremely short this time of year, means she needs a “coat” for our evening walks and my early mornings at the ranch. It’s been fun looking for the right coat and seeing all the ridiculous options out there. I will never put Mattie in a dress or a shirt that says “princess”. I do, however, enjoy finding her cute little jackets. I also don’t see the harm in getting her a “christmas” themed sweater, though I think Dave would disagree. 

I really hope Mattie starts feeling like her old self again. It makes me sad that she is feeling so “naked”.


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