what a weekend.

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend.

I guess the biggest event happened on Saturday. Dave and I woke up pretty early and ran around town. We were supposed to go to my mom’s later that afternoon and cook her and her husband a birthday dinner.  We got her the perfect gift, picked up food and came home and started all the preparations. I knew the clock was ticking a bit, but we had told her we would be over for an early dinner. As I’m rushing to get ready, the phone rings and I figure it’s my mom asking where we are. Her husband can be impatient. However, it is her husband. “Great,” I’m thinking. “Here comes the bitch fest.”

Instead he tells me that my mom is very ill. That he thinks it’s her nerves. They are going to be losing the house with all these financial things that are going on. He claims she wants to see and talk to no one.

We hang up and I am left confused. I never knew my mom to ever get so stressed out over something that she falls apart. Dave is immediately upset. He thinks my mom’s husband is lying to us. That he got impatient and has created this lie so that we can not come over after all. Dave is also upset because he just spent a lot of money on some pork that he has already brined. When you brine meat, it’s made with vinegar… so.. it is not something that can be saved for another day, which MH (mom’s husband) did request we come over on Monday instead.

Lucky for us, my friend, Keri, called and we went over to her place for a BBQ and pool party. The pork got cooked and it turned out DELICIOUS! Dave and I had way to much to drink but we needed it. We were with good company. The party was exactly what we needed. We didn’t get to bed till after 2 in the morning.

Sunday morning I reluctantly called to check on my mom. Sure enough, her husband answered. My mom was out, so he decided to tell us what was going on. He says they are losing the house. That they will be moving in with his granddaughter and her family in Colorado. I was a little confused as my mother never gave me any clue that things were that bad. He also goes on to insult me by asking me if I would make sure my mother was taken care of after he passes. Well, of course I will. Who does he think I am? Of course I will take care of my mom once he passes. I would never turn my back on her.

On Monday, Dave and I drive out to see them and make them a fabulous meal. After dinner, Dave goes upstairs with MH to help with his computer. My mom and I have a chance to talk about everything. Turns out, her husband was lying and it made her so upset to hear. My mom was too ill to see us on Saturday, but it was because she ate something bad. The house is going on short sale, but that can take months to process. However, she is fine with everything. Which is exactly how I always remember my mom being. She’s a free spirit like me. We are happy as long as we have a roof over our heads. We don’t need a big fancy house to be happy. In fact, she kind of wants something smaller. Owning a large house is a lot of work for her to keep clean. My mom also tells me that things really aren’t so bad. They are not picking up and moving away. They have other options but her husband is in such a HUGE panic mode it’s ridiculous.

So that’s been my weekend. Other than family chaos and trying to sort out the truth from the lies, I have also been feeling kind of off myself. I’m still trying to put all that together.


And now for your Gaga fix… I picture of her makeup from her performance on American Idol.



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One Response to “what a weekend.”

  1. Dave Says:

    It was a long, exhausting weekend. We have learned a lot about MH this weekend. I’m glad we did get some fun in for us, though.

    We made it through, and I am looking forward to your birthday.

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