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June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd, was my 31st birthday. Dave and I went to Disneyland. We had a BLAST!

First off, I got into the park for free because it was my birthday. I immediately felt special from the moment I collected my ticket. They had a special button just for me. The woman in the booth drew my name on it and even added little mickey mouse balloons on it in different colors. Later in the day, I noticed other people with birthday buttons and they just had their names on them, nothing special like mine.

Throughout the day, many of the Disneyland employees wished me happy birthday, as well as various park guests. I was made to truly feel special.

Disneyland itself, is an impressive theme park to visit. They have their shit together! Of course, growing up in OC, I am very familiar with the park. There was a time I was going on a weekly basis but that was YEARS ago. It had been about 10 years since I last visited. It’s good to see things are just the same if not better.

The parking is just as impressive. They know how to keep the traffic flowing and in an orderly way. The entire park is CLEAN and the employees are always friendly and helpful. The only disappoinment we had was our lunch. We got burgers at one of those serve you at a window places in Tomorrow Land. They were pretty bad. Just tasted like meat that had been sitting out under heat lamps. However, dinner was MUCH better. We went to an actual restaurant in the French Quarter. Dave had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and I had some really good chicken with amazing mashed potatos.

It was a fantastic experience to be able to bring Dave to Disneyland for his first time. It was a lot of fun to be able to share a big part of my childhood with him. We both had a wonderful time and thank you to Disneyland for giving me a Happy Birthday.


On another note…. I am going back on my depression meds. I thought I wouldn’t need them any more considering I am unemployed and life is generally, less stressful. But I find that I am uninspired to do anything around the house and I hate that. The only thing I have been good at is getting the dog out during the day and working out. As far as getting the house cleaned and starting to organize the mess in our garage, I am failing. Don’t get me wrong, the house isn’t a disgusting mess or anything, it could just use a little wipe down in the kitchen or an extra bit of dusting. I’m just not motivated.

The garage has a lot of stuff in it…a lot of it being mine… a lot of it I am sure I can let go of now… I just need to get in there and sort it all out. *sigh* When I lost my job, I said that was the biggest thing I was going to work on. I still haven’t cracked the garage door open. *frowns*


OK.. on a brighter note, Dave got me a couple of hats while we were at Disneyland and I think I look cute in em… Here is one of em. What do you think?

Photo 13



May 31, 2009

It’s been an “ok” weekend. Little bit of lazy mixed with some action.

Saturday was a dangerous day. We woke up and turned the tv on only to be smack in the middle of “House”. Oh my.. Dave and I sat on the couch for hours before realizing we really needed to get out and do something. But…. what?!?

We took Mattie up to the Griffith Observatory and took her on a long walk around the trails. We had a nice refreshing walk and we felt good that the dog could come along.

Afterward, we took Mattie to a dog park around the same neighborhood. This was not an official dog park so it wasn’t fenced in. There were both large and small dogs in the area, but it was all grass covered. Mattie was so different at this park as opposed to the one we frequent. It must have been the grass! She was happy and playful and even interacted with other dogs. She seemed less stressed. When a group of big dogs came running by, she ran after them and there was a little poodle mix that she went to say hi to often and was never nervous around. It made Dave and I happy to watch her so comfortable. I’ll be curious to see how she acts at our normal dog park on Monday.

Saturday was a rest day for my Wii Active, but today was not. I was a good girl and did my 30 day challenge today while Dave watched played a game on his iPhone. It felt good to do good for my body.


Since I brought up House, here are a few laughs originally found on this site



The Weekend is Upon Us

May 29, 2009

Last night, Dave and I had another one of those emotionally heavy conversations. Since Dave’s job has gotten more demanding on his time, (for example last night our dinner together was interrupted by a phone call from his boss) little things between us has also been deteriorating. We spend less time talking and doing things we enjoy. Our intimacy has struggled as well. So last night we talked about things and hopefully there will be a gradual change to the positive between us.


I am very sore and keep getting more sore as the day progresses. The Wii Active kicked my ass. I’m looking forward to using it again later today.


I got some things accomplished today. I finally got 2 jackets and 3 pairs of pants to a seamstress to have them altered. Being short and not stick thin sucks. Pants are always too long and I had 2 jackets that the sleeves were too long. Well, that’s being fixed now and I will have some new outfits to wear.

I also stopped by GoodWill and dropped off all those clothes I cleaned out of my drawers and closet.


I got my Lady Gaga fix! Went to the store today and they finally had the new Rolling Stone Magazine there. I haven’t read the article yet, I’m saving it for later after my work out.

Photo 12

what a weekend.

May 26, 2009

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend.

I guess the biggest event happened on Saturday. Dave and I woke up pretty early and ran around town. We were supposed to go to my mom’s later that afternoon and cook her and her husband a birthday dinner.  We got her the perfect gift, picked up food and came home and started all the preparations. I knew the clock was ticking a bit, but we had told her we would be over for an early dinner. As I’m rushing to get ready, the phone rings and I figure it’s my mom asking where we are. Her husband can be impatient. However, it is her husband. “Great,” I’m thinking. “Here comes the bitch fest.”

Instead he tells me that my mom is very ill. That he thinks it’s her nerves. They are going to be losing the house with all these financial things that are going on. He claims she wants to see and talk to no one.

We hang up and I am left confused. I never knew my mom to ever get so stressed out over something that she falls apart. Dave is immediately upset. He thinks my mom’s husband is lying to us. That he got impatient and has created this lie so that we can not come over after all. Dave is also upset because he just spent a lot of money on some pork that he has already brined. When you brine meat, it’s made with vinegar… so.. it is not something that can be saved for another day, which MH (mom’s husband) did request we come over on Monday instead.

Lucky for us, my friend, Keri, called and we went over to her place for a BBQ and pool party. The pork got cooked and it turned out DELICIOUS! Dave and I had way to much to drink but we needed it. We were with good company. The party was exactly what we needed. We didn’t get to bed till after 2 in the morning.

Sunday morning I reluctantly called to check on my mom. Sure enough, her husband answered. My mom was out, so he decided to tell us what was going on. He says they are losing the house. That they will be moving in with his granddaughter and her family in Colorado. I was a little confused as my mother never gave me any clue that things were that bad. He also goes on to insult me by asking me if I would make sure my mother was taken care of after he passes. Well, of course I will. Who does he think I am? Of course I will take care of my mom once he passes. I would never turn my back on her.

On Monday, Dave and I drive out to see them and make them a fabulous meal. After dinner, Dave goes upstairs with MH to help with his computer. My mom and I have a chance to talk about everything. Turns out, her husband was lying and it made her so upset to hear. My mom was too ill to see us on Saturday, but it was because she ate something bad. The house is going on short sale, but that can take months to process. However, she is fine with everything. Which is exactly how I always remember my mom being. She’s a free spirit like me. We are happy as long as we have a roof over our heads. We don’t need a big fancy house to be happy. In fact, she kind of wants something smaller. Owning a large house is a lot of work for her to keep clean. My mom also tells me that things really aren’t so bad. They are not picking up and moving away. They have other options but her husband is in such a HUGE panic mode it’s ridiculous.

So that’s been my weekend. Other than family chaos and trying to sort out the truth from the lies, I have also been feeling kind of off myself. I’m still trying to put all that together.


And now for your Gaga fix… I picture of her makeup from her performance on American Idol.


Just a Wednesday

May 20, 2009

Today was half lazy and half productive.

I stayed up too late last night. One of the perks of being unemployed, however, that means I slept in later than I should. It was 9 am when my lazy eyes opened. I never made it to the gym this morning. Used the start of my period as a personal excuse.

Did make it to the dog park today with Mattie. We stayed there for almost 2 hours. Just as we were getting ready to leave, many dogs arrived, so I decided to stay for an hour longer. Mattie made friends with a chihuahua and she almost, almost played with him.

Today, I met a pug. Ah… the pug. One of man’s glorious examples of breeding. (note the sarcasm?) He was what you call the standard pug. You could hear he had trouble breathing. Don’t you just love breeding? Don’t you just love that what makes a pug special is it’s little pushed in nose and flattened face? It’s wonderful isn’t it? The top of the line pug comes with breathing restrictions.. but hey … they look great don’t they? *sigh*

I was productive at home in the afternoon. Did some laundry, cleaned and organized the shoes in the closet and cleaned and organized my sock and “under garment” drawers. Feels good to have some order around here. The kitchen counters were spot cleaned and the floors cleaned and mopped. I did a quick vacuum job in the living room as well. I do my best to do my part while Dave has to work a job.

As for Dave, work is getting to be a place he hates going to. He has developed an abusive relationship with his boss. Dave is the battered spouse. His boss seems to act like he’s bi polar a LOT. One minute things are great and the next, Dave’s getting jerked around. Dave’s boss is one of those people you just can’t please no matter what. Even if boss made the mistake, some how you screwed it up worse. Dave is fed up and has decided it’s time to get out. I support him 100%. I never liked his boss from the very beginning.

So now Dave is fixing up his resume and slowly looking for new work.

Today is mom’s birthday. She enjoyed the flowers she got. I am happy. Tonight friends are taking her out to eat. I hope she has a good time.


Knowing how bad things have been for Dave at work has also brought me down. But the one thing that always makes me feel better is sharing Lady Gaga. Here’s her performance on Ellen.

And her very short interview afterward. She is so cute and sincere:

It’s Time

May 19, 2009

Time for me to finally post again. It’s been awhile once more and there is no way I can possibly catch up on all the details. So here is a run down.

Dave and I are still getting married. The date is set for October. I have bought the dress. I still need to get my butt in gear and make a guest list so we can make the arrangement for the reception! Won’t be good to have a wedding with no reception!

Mattie the pup has adjusted to life without the ranch. Of course she gets to spend just as much time with me as before. I think she misses the freedom of the ranch. It’s been hard for me to go back. I know the animals left behind aren’t being neglected but I know they are not getting the top care they would be getting if I was still there. Things get left unseen. Things are left uncared for due to laziness. It’s too much to think about.

Lucas.. my favorite little pig, went to his new home a few weeks ago. I made the trip with him to northern California. He has a good home. However, he is not fitting in very well. He is acting like the little child who is still waiting for “mom” to come pick him up from school. This breaks my heart. He hasn’t fit in with any of the pigs yet. I miss him and it breaks my heart that he misses me too.

I applied for a “doggy day care” job a few weeks ago. Even went to an “interview”.  I say “interview” because they never asked me any questions. Just showed me around and told me they’d make their decision by the end of the week. I haven’t heard back from them. Honestly, that’s fine. I am too good for them and over qualified. Besides that, I make double what they are paying on unemployment.

Speaking of unemployment. *sigh* they stopped paying me about a month ago because I messed up one of my forms. Got that straightened out and now I will be catching up on all this back pay.

My mom and her husband have run into some financial difficulties these days. They had invested a LARGE amount of money but then stopped seeing any at the beginning of the year. Too exhausted to get into details, but this is a work in progress. Mom is saying things are looking brighter for them.

Mom’s birthday is tomorrow. I’m having flowers sent to her and Dave and I will visit her during the weekend.

Mattie is getting used to going to our local dog park. She is so shy with all the other dogs. I hope she turns around and makes friends soon. I would love for her to run and play with them. I am having an interesting time observing dogs and owners while at the park and they will no doubt spur the occasional posting here.

I am giving myself more time to enjoy bad and lazy habits. We have a Wii and a PS3 gaming system. On the Wii I am enjoying Animal Crossing but I am also enjoying the Wii Fit. On the PS3, I have just gotten addicted to Little Big Planet. Both games can consume so much time and it’s not about running around and shooting stuff.

Today I was a little productive while at home. I grabbed a large storage container and packed all my “work” clothes and items away. I also went through my closet and set aside all my things that can be donated. It was a bitter sweet experience to pack all that stuff away.

OK.. that’s all for now… I am hoping to start writing here on a daily basis… but we shall see.

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Wango Tango 2009 concert. I bought us tickets because of Lady Gaga. She was AWESOME. It was my first time seeing her in person and she rocked my socks off. She only sang one set of 4 songs but she blew me away. I leave you with a video of her back stage interview with KiSS FM. I warn you ahead of time… adult language is used.

Hello… Is it me you’re looking for?

March 1, 2009

It’s been awhile I know. Life has gotten away from me. I let it slip through my fingers and never let the words come to these cyber pages.

engagement ringDecember 30 of 2008 was one of the happiest days of my life. Dave proposed! We are getting married by the end of the year. Probably in October. So that will be a fun topic to blog about.


Quite a few things have happened since I have last written. As far as work goes really. As you recall, I lost an alpaca to a mysterious death and I lost the camel in a sudden and tragic leg break.

Recently, I have lost my job. I have 3 weeks tops left there.

It’s been very difficult. Emotionally difficult. I have spent years creating these wonderful relationships with all these special animals. Some I am closer and more connected to than others. Some I was there from the day they were born, others I raised from when they were 6 months old.

Days have passed where I have been ok. In fact I generally have been ok. Especially while I am at work.

But the days that I am home, left to think about this tragedy, I fall apart.

Yesterday I broke down in tears thinking of certain animals that will have to go. I got angry. So very angry and hated that this is what it’s come down to. And now I have to let them all down.

Thinking about the goat makes me so very sad. She pulls at my heart strings right now. She and I have had such a great relationship. She is an amazing training animal. Now, I have to bring her to a new place. She will most likely never be trained again. It kills me. I cry when I think about her. About leaving her.

Her new owners say they can come pick her up (as well as the other goat we have) on the weekend. I am just imagining what it will be like to load her up into the crate, shut the door and have her watch me as they drive her away. It tears me up. I would much rather not be there. I actually will be going to Vegas this coming weekend with Dave to start making arrangements for the wedding.  I think I really want to stress that I would like someone to take my place and be there so that the new owners can come pick up the goats while I am away. I think I’d rather not see them go.

So there you have it. I have pretty much placed all of the animals that need to be placed. It’s just a matter of actually bringing them to their new homes when they are ready.

3 of the animals will be staying behind. The zedonk, whom I have bottle raised since she was 1 month old. The mini donkey, whom I have raised since the day she was born. She is also one of my training animals. The mini horse, who was already there when I started working. He became my biggest training star. He was the first animal I started training all those years ago.

I think it’s just a matter of time before they go as well. At least I won’t be there to see it.

Other animals are staying behind as well. 4 of the dogs under my watchful eye and the tortoises. Who knows when they will go as well. I just hope the dogs find homes.

This is all I have the energy to post for now. More will come.

spoke too soon

November 28, 2008

Perhaps I spoke too soon with my last post. 

After the chaos of all the pig drama, I did write lead woman an email replying to her question about putting the two pigs together. I politely said that if it is what everyone wants to do, then I will be a team player. I expressed that I did not agree with it and gave my reasons. Her reply was to tell me she had no idea what was going on and that she agrees with me. She even told me that she will follow my lead in regards to when it is the right time to put the pigs together. 

I suspect that I will be able to do so next week. I am seeing more positive signs from female pig. 

So yes, perhaps I jumped the gun with Lead woman. 

Before going home on Wednesday, which was a beautiful day of rain rain rain (no I’m not being sarcastic), manager mother called me on my radio to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. She also hoped that I would be living early to avoid the holiday traffic. Out of my 6 years working there, this is the first time she ever picked up the phone to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. 

So, again, I think I spoke too soon. 

Thanksgiving was spent at my mother’s. It was her husbands birthday as well. This year, Dave got to go with me, he’s usually in Georgia visiting his own family this time of year. Since we were just in Georgia, that left him free for my Thanksgiving. 

Every year my mom out does herself for Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. My mom is a fantastic cook. Too bad I didn’t take after her. Growing up, I never had an interest to cook and being an only child, well, let’s just say that because we were a small family of 3, I was never relied on to do the cooking once in awhile. So… I never learned how to cook any of her fantastic meals. 

Dave and I were introduced to new friends of my mother. They are a nice couple she met through the corvette club in her area. What I just love the most about any function that I take Dave to, is that I always get so many compliments about him. I am always told how I have met a great guy and I should make sure to hold on to him. They don’t need to tell me twice! I have been through disaster after disaster of relationships… I am happy to finally have Dave in my life. 

In a way, I think I’m kind of jealous. In a good way. Everyone I meet always tells me I have met a great guy in Dave. I don’t think the same has happened in the flip side. In fact, I don’t know if I’m all that special to be considered a “great catch”. 

It was hard getting up this morning and going to work. Hard because I didn’t get enough sleep due to Thanksgiving dinner and the drive home. Extra hard, because I had to leave Dave behind in bed. He got to stay home today while I went into work. I was bummed to be there, but in the end, the day turned out rather pleasant. 

I spent some time observing the pigs and at one point I went to visit male pig. I started scratching his back and he really enjoyed it. Before I knew it, he was laying down in front of me. I spent a good amount of time just petting him. One of the ranch dogs joined us and it was so cute to just see him curl up right beside this 500 + lb pig. Imagine a 40 lb dog, curled up next to a 500 lb pig! It was a really really cute sight. I had wished Dave was there to take a picture with his great camera. 

I spent a lot of time with the tortoises as well. Their grass is getting really short these days. So, because they are still small, I was able to pick them up and move them out to an open grass area. They really enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed watching them graze and explore the area. I kept a watchful eye over then to make sure no one fell over an edge or disappeared. 

My day ended with a visit from Lead Woman. She rode her horse over to my side of the property. She told me she wanted to come over and say hi. I thought that was very nice of her. We chatted for awhile about Thanksgiving. It’s just so strange how nice everyone is being to me. I mean extra nice. These people haven’t been this nice since the day I was hired. Perhaps it’s because they feel sorry knowing how much the loss of the camel means to me. Or maybe because my day will soon come to an end there, so everyone is being nicer.

Tomorrow is my day off… I am looking forward to it.