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Lazy Thursday

May 21, 2009

Yup, another lazy day. I really need to stop having these.

Stayed up a little late, and so slept in later than I should have this morning. Skipped the gym all together. *sigh*

Good thing though, is that Dave is home again. We went out to eat at a quick little restaurant of his choice last night and came home and both played Little Big Planet together. We had fun working together collecting all the items in each level. Especially those parts of the level that require two people to play.

As far as productivity goes, I got some laundry done and watered the front yard. Oh well, I did take care of the 4 caged animals. Cleaned the cages of my parrot, my rats and my guinea pig. This then, always leads to a quick vacuum of the area.

I did make it to the mall today. Victoria’s Secret started a 10 panties for $25 and as far as I am concerned.. you can never have too many pairs of panties. While I was there I started looking around at their bras and noticed they had a bunch on clearance. I found a very cool looking bra that had a corset look to it. I then pondered if they had a matching panty. The sales woman there said they did and that there was a garter, but they may no longer have them since they are clearance items. Well, as soon as I walked over to the “bins” the matching thong was sitting right on top and in my size! Before walking away, I decided to go digging to see if they would have the matching garter…. well…. they DID! I was SO excited. I scored and was happy to save so much money! I came home with 15 items for a little over $100. Not bad for Victoria’s Secret!

Mattie and I went to the dog park and once more spent more time than intended there. She was more relaxed today. One of her “friends” showed up, so that is why we stayed longer. She almost played with him today. I saw the two of them bounce around for a few seconds. It makes me positive that she will one day run and play with all the little dogs.

Finally, it is time for the Lady Gaga fix… Here she is in her performance for Dancing With the Stars.

First, “Just Dance”

And now, “Love Game”