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Just a Wednesday

May 20, 2009

Today was half lazy and half productive.

I stayed up too late last night. One of the perks of being unemployed, however, that means I slept in later than I should. It was 9 am when my lazy eyes opened. I never made it to the gym this morning. Used the start of my period as a personal excuse.

Did make it to the dog park today with Mattie. We stayed there for almost 2 hours. Just as we were getting ready to leave, many dogs arrived, so I decided to stay for an hour longer. Mattie made friends with a chihuahua and she almost, almost played with him.

Today, I met a pug. Ah… the pug. One of man’s glorious examples of breeding. (note the sarcasm?) He was what you call the standard pug. You could hear he had trouble breathing. Don’t you just love breeding? Don’t you just love that what makes a pug special is it’s little pushed in nose and flattened face? It’s wonderful isn’t it? The top of the line pug comes with breathing restrictions.. but hey … they look great don’t they? *sigh*

I was productive at home in the afternoon. Did some laundry, cleaned and organized the shoes in the closet and cleaned and organized my sock and “under garment” drawers. Feels good to have some order around here. The kitchen counters were spot cleaned and the floors cleaned and mopped. I did a quick vacuum job in the living room as well. I do my best to do my part while Dave has to work a job.

As for Dave, work is getting to be a place he hates going to. He has developed an abusive relationship with his boss. Dave is the battered spouse. His boss seems to act like he’s bi polar a LOT. One minute things are great and the next, Dave’s getting jerked around. Dave’s boss is one of those people you just can’t please no matter what. Even if boss made the mistake, some how you screwed it up worse. Dave is fed up and has decided it’s time to get out. I support him 100%. I never liked his boss from the very beginning.

So now Dave is fixing up his resume and slowly looking for new work.

Today is mom’s birthday. She enjoyed the flowers she got. I am happy. Tonight friends are taking her out to eat. I hope she has a good time.


Knowing how bad things have been for Dave at work has also brought me down. But the one thing that always makes me feel better is sharing Lady Gaga. Here’s her performance on Ellen.

And her very short interview afterward. She is so cute and sincere:


spoke too soon

November 28, 2008

Perhaps I spoke too soon with my last post. 

After the chaos of all the pig drama, I did write lead woman an email replying to her question about putting the two pigs together. I politely said that if it is what everyone wants to do, then I will be a team player. I expressed that I did not agree with it and gave my reasons. Her reply was to tell me she had no idea what was going on and that she agrees with me. She even told me that she will follow my lead in regards to when it is the right time to put the pigs together. 

I suspect that I will be able to do so next week. I am seeing more positive signs from female pig. 

So yes, perhaps I jumped the gun with Lead woman. 

Before going home on Wednesday, which was a beautiful day of rain rain rain (no I’m not being sarcastic), manager mother called me on my radio to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. She also hoped that I would be living early to avoid the holiday traffic. Out of my 6 years working there, this is the first time she ever picked up the phone to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. 

So, again, I think I spoke too soon. 

Thanksgiving was spent at my mother’s. It was her husbands birthday as well. This year, Dave got to go with me, he’s usually in Georgia visiting his own family this time of year. Since we were just in Georgia, that left him free for my Thanksgiving. 

Every year my mom out does herself for Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. My mom is a fantastic cook. Too bad I didn’t take after her. Growing up, I never had an interest to cook and being an only child, well, let’s just say that because we were a small family of 3, I was never relied on to do the cooking once in awhile. So… I never learned how to cook any of her fantastic meals. 

Dave and I were introduced to new friends of my mother. They are a nice couple she met through the corvette club in her area. What I just love the most about any function that I take Dave to, is that I always get so many compliments about him. I am always told how I have met a great guy and I should make sure to hold on to him. They don’t need to tell me twice! I have been through disaster after disaster of relationships… I am happy to finally have Dave in my life. 

In a way, I think I’m kind of jealous. In a good way. Everyone I meet always tells me I have met a great guy in Dave. I don’t think the same has happened in the flip side. In fact, I don’t know if I’m all that special to be considered a “great catch”. 

It was hard getting up this morning and going to work. Hard because I didn’t get enough sleep due to Thanksgiving dinner and the drive home. Extra hard, because I had to leave Dave behind in bed. He got to stay home today while I went into work. I was bummed to be there, but in the end, the day turned out rather pleasant. 

I spent some time observing the pigs and at one point I went to visit male pig. I started scratching his back and he really enjoyed it. Before I knew it, he was laying down in front of me. I spent a good amount of time just petting him. One of the ranch dogs joined us and it was so cute to just see him curl up right beside this 500 + lb pig. Imagine a 40 lb dog, curled up next to a 500 lb pig! It was a really really cute sight. I had wished Dave was there to take a picture with his great camera. 

I spent a lot of time with the tortoises as well. Their grass is getting really short these days. So, because they are still small, I was able to pick them up and move them out to an open grass area. They really enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed watching them graze and explore the area. I kept a watchful eye over then to make sure no one fell over an edge or disappeared. 

My day ended with a visit from Lead Woman. She rode her horse over to my side of the property. She told me she wanted to come over and say hi. I thought that was very nice of her. We chatted for awhile about Thanksgiving. It’s just so strange how nice everyone is being to me. I mean extra nice. These people haven’t been this nice since the day I was hired. Perhaps it’s because they feel sorry knowing how much the loss of the camel means to me. Or maybe because my day will soon come to an end there, so everyone is being nicer.

Tomorrow is my day off… I am looking forward to it. 

beginning of the end

November 19, 2008

Well, I put in a full day of work today. Though I use the word “work” lightly. I spent 2 hours of my afternoon talking to the potential buyers of our mini donkeys. She really does seem like she will be a good owner and take very good care of them. The only bummer is, our male will be castrated if she takes him. That way he can be in the same pasture as his “wife” and daughter. The new owner is not interested in breeding the donkeys and obviously he shouldn’t be breeding with his own daughter. 

I was going to talk to the manager today about his take on my “working my way out of a job”. I really didn’t need to, so I didn’t. He answered my question before I could ask. When the potential buyer was talking to us she asked which animals would be staying at the facility. The manager named off the same 4 that I had been told. So, I guess this is the beginning of the end of my days. *sigh* it really is a shame and a bummer. 

Nothing exciting has happened today. So I guess I will just end things here… 

Final Word?

November 18, 2008

So I made a half day at work today, using my illness as an excuse. Fact is, I could have probably managed a full work day today, but I wasn’t entirely in the game. Besides, coming home and resting up probably was a good thing in aiding a speedier recovery. 

There were things that needed to be done at work. One of the most important was making a phone call to the one person who will “tell me like it is” at work. I knew talking to her will tell me exactly what’s going on. 

The conversation, at least, told me what’s going on. I am basically working my way out of a job. I am being told that all but 4 animals will be going. Once all of them do go, I will be losing my job. 

When the manager spoke to me a few weeks ago, he told me he hated this plan. That’s why he did everything in his power to keep me there and work around this plan. 

Yet, it looks like it’s still going down. 

So, should I take the lead woman’s word that every animal will be leaving and so will I? Or should I keep the hope that the manager will have his way? What if he has his way? What if, with just the 4 animals left… he convinces them to keep me? I would still have a job.. that’s good. But some of the animals that have left, could have stayed… that’s bad. I don’t know if I should keep fighting to keep certain animals here or just bow out gracefully. 

I see the manager tomorrow , so I guess it’s my time to have a heart to heart. Tell him what I have been told and take it from there. Perhaps there is nothing he can do and though he had this hope to keep me around, it just isn’t possible. The owners financial situation continues to plummet. 

So I am still left with questions. Do I bow out? Or do I make a fight? Can I get the manager to take my side even farther? 

Ugh… only time will tell. 

sick day

November 17, 2008

I was up for most of the night. My new cold would not let me sleep. I tossed and turned, made frequent trips to the restroom, ate something at 2 in the morning … I knew at about midnight last night I would not be going to work today. I finally got some sleep sometime around 3 in the morning and woke up around 7. 

Dave went to work and I made the necessary phone calls to work to announce I wouldn’t be there. 

My day was pretty lazy. I stayed in bed till about 11:30. Hunger finally made me get out of bed. 

I spent a good portion of the day not only watching tv but also playing with the Nintendo DS. Dave bought me nintendogs and I am liking it a lot. I am taking care of a little dalmation I have named Sam. It’s kind of funny really, since I do have a real dog. I drove Mattie crazy today because I actually have to teach Sam voice commands. I must have a certain lilt to my voice when I call a dog, because Mattie was right there with me when I was calling Sam. Oh and asking Sam to sit… yeah… that really drove Mattie up the wall. 

I also played around a bit with Yoshi’s Island. It’s just one of those fun little action/adventure games where you go through worlds and kick butt till you reach your destination. 

The only “work” I did today was clean the guinea pig and rat cages and make some sweet tea. Taking Mattie out for her walks left me exhausted. It was a good thing I stayed home from work today. 

Speaking of work, yeah things were still going today. I got a phone call from the woman trying to help make the pig move happen (it’s a daily thing these days). She was going to be visiting with the people who were interested in taking our farm pigs. I am kind of bummed to have missed that. But oh well, what can you do? Tomorrow I am going to have to make some phone calls and find out what is going on. Who stays and who goes? 

Need to make arrangements for Mattie to have a baby sitter this weekend since Dave and I are going out of town. 

Taking things one day at a time. 

Cluster F*ck

November 14, 2008

My job is a huge cluster fuck right now. The recent lay offs have me working double the labor. I find myself exhausted by the end of the day. Lucky for me, I had 2 guys over on my side today and they handled all the stall cleaning. Thank goodness! Gave my body a much needed break!

But things still seem to be a complete mess as far as the animals go. I realize that we will be placing some of them in order to alleviate some of the daily labor. I had always assumed, however, that my training animals would be safe. It has been expressed to me that they would like to continue my shows for the visiting school children. 

The latest animals targeted, are our pigs and goats. We have 2 pot belly pigs, 2 farm pigs and 2 goats. 1 of the farm pigs has been with me since he was 5 months old. He is now 2. He is a training animal and knows a few behaviors.One goat is also a training animal and she is one of my favorites. She completely loves training and is so into it. She is totally aware of positive reinforcement training. I have the most fun and success with her. I always assumed that the 1 pig and the 1 goat would be staying.. but I’m hearing from some, that it isn’t the case. 

When talking to the manager, he assures me that those particular animals are going no where. But I am getting phone calls from a woman, who handles pig rescue, that she has been asked to place the pigs and goats. This is coming from the manager’s mother who also works at my facility. She handles the paperwork. So I have the manager telling me one thing. His mother is not telling me anything. A woman who doesn’t even work at my facility is trying to inform me on what is really going on and what I need to do in order to get the animals ready to go. Plus, add into the mix another woman who was actually the person who rescued the trained pig and brought him to us. She, of course, is trying to have her say in the matter. She wants nothing but the best for him (as do I) But she anthropomorphizes too much. Which, that can get ridiculous. I have waaay too many hands in this cookie jar and I am feeling myself being stretched thin. Meanwhile.. I really don’t know what the fuck is actually going on!

I asked the manager a few days ago why the pigs and goats had to leave. I could see he didn’t have a good answer and replied with cutting back feed costs and labor. I smirked and he asked, “They really don’t take too much do they?” No they don’t. In fact they are the easiest animals I have. I don’t groom the pigs or goats. The pigs don’t go to the bathroom in their stalls so there is no clean up there and the goats have small pellet feces, so you can’t really clean that up. The best you can do is just pick up the wet shavings from where they urinated. The pasture that everyone goes out in takes 5 -10 min to clean. So no.. these animals do not take a lot of time nor money. A bag of pig food is around $15. One bag lasts me more than one week. 

If they really want to get rid of some of the animals.. well then fine. But I don’t see why the training animals have to go. They can stay. I was under the impression that we are trying to trim things back and ride things out. Hopefully, things will start turning upwards again. 

Now I don’t know what to think. Would someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?!? 

catching up

November 13, 2008

I’m trying to catch up…

Things have been chaotic these last 2 days. Since the lay offs, my job has gotten intense. There just isn’t much time in my day to do anything but focus on my job. Cleaning stalls has proven to be quite the challenge. Since my animals are minis… so are their feces. It makes clean up more difficult when things fall through the cleaning fork. I am still trying to find my rhythm, but for now, every minute is precious if I want to finish on time.

I miss my guys. They did a LOT for me.

Today was Dave’s birthday. I hope he had a good one. I took him out for dinner, but my big accomplishment was being able to locate a Wii Fit. Which may be a gift more for me than him. hehehehe. I also got him the new Star Wars game.

Well, that’s all for now. I am exhausted and sore… and just feel like there is so much to catch up on. I hope to get all caught up by the end of the weekend.


November 11, 2008

So today the axe came down. Today the manager had to let 5 people go. Three were our employees and 2 were borrowed from another company. 

Two of them were my helpers. This hit me hard. It hit them hard. I’m still very much upset about it. They got the axe while I was walking the camel. By the time I was finished, we were all called in for a group meeting. Afterwards, I had to spend some time talking with the manager. Once that was over, I made my way back over to my area. 

I burst into tears the second I saw my guys. I am so very very sad for them. I don’t want to see them go. They are good workers. They are hard workers… but most importantly, they care about the animals and I can trust them. I could always trust them to do the things I asked of them when I was not around. If I needed them to take care of a sick animal in my absence, I could count on them. They were the two guys who would wake up at 2 in the morning to give the alpaca his IV fluids. 

Now, they will be leaving us. I am not happy at all. One of them had been with us for 9 years, longer than myself. He couldn’t believe he lost his job. He was so surprised. I could see his eyes well up. 

There will be many changes to come. First of all, we all have to figure out how we can cover for each other. Technically, I am the only one left in my department. So now other’s have to come over to help me out. There is still talk about placing the animals. If everything goes according to plan, I will be left with 5 animals. If that does happen, well then I really can do my job all on my own. 

I hope it doesn’t come down to that. There are some animals I don’t want to let go. One being my pig and the other my goat. They are both training animals. I love the goat.. love her to death. She is so incredibly smart and so into the training. It really would be a shame to get rid of her. As far as the pig goes, well he and I have a bond. Have had him since he was 5 months old. He is now a little past 2. I don’t want to see him go. I can take having to part with some of the other animals… but those 2 I want to stay. 

*sigh* the next few days are going to be very busy, with little time to socialize during the day and to sit in front of a computer. Let’s see what happens ….

this just in

November 10, 2008

So it’s no surprise that I have been doing a lot of blogging about my job situation. It really seemed that I would be losing it any time now… until I spoke to the manager today.

He mentioned to me that the original plan was to slowly get rid of the animals here and then I would be let go. He hated the plan, he did not want this plan and now he has stepped in.

Yesterday, while speaking to the owner, he asked to give his plan a try instead. The owner is not convinced it will work, but I guess he is willing to give it a chance.

The plan, unfortunately, involves laying off the two men that work with me. This part left me breathless and I gasped upon hearing it. I teared up as well. These are good men, that have been nothing but respectful and amazingly helpful with the animals. I can trust them to do things while I am away and they are quick to tell me if something is not right. This lay off is not one I am happy with, but what can I do?

There will be 3 others on the property laid off as well. What this means is jobs will be changing for everyone, including myself. My job may now focus on the care and cleaning of the animals and not so much the training I have been doing. There will be other people stepping up to help me, even people that have never worked with the animals before.

The manager needs money to buy things the facility needs in order to maintain. The manager feels it is better to work on a very short staff, working them a little bit harder, and being able to supply us the things we need, than to have all these people with nothing to do because we have no money to buy anything.

I am the highest paid in my area. So it was only natural that hacking me first would be the best decision. But this was not a decision that settled well with the manager. He did not want to let me go. He sees how well I do my job and realizes the importance to the animals of keeping me around.

So the manager is willing to let a few people go, if it means being able to keep me. The lay offs will more than cover the expense of keeping me. Which, I am grateful that I get to keep my job, but it makes me sad that others have to be let go.

With everything that has been going down, it has been the manager who has stepped up and defended me the most. I thanked him for this. I thanked him with all the appreciation and gratitude I could possibly show a person. I said to him, “thank you for sticking up for me and saving my job. I really appreciate it. ”

And as I sat down to write this post, my cell rings. I answer it and it is the manager. He tells me there was something I said to him that made him think. He said that when I thanked him for saving my job, it wasn’t necessary. He said he didn’t save my job, I saved my job. He said I did my job so well that I made myself too valuable to lose. I can’t begin to tell you how overwhelmed with happiness this made me. It felt so good to have someone praise me. I am so thankful.

So it looks like I will have a job for as long as the facility stands. We are all hoping that things will level off and slowly grow once more. I am going to have to lose a few animals. This will help alleviate the amount of work that us being short staffed will have to accomplish each day.

It’s nice to know, I have a job and I need not worry. It’s still so very sad that a few good people will lose theirs.

Just the Normal Hum Drum Sunday

November 2, 2008

Sunday, day 2 of NaBloPoMo. I had the wonderful experience of waking up to rain this morning. We don’t see enough of it here in So. Cal. So excuse me if I get excited over rain. When it’s a rarity, it a rather wonderful thing to have. For me, it makes things a little more warm, snugly and romantic in the evenings. There’s nothing better than snuggling in bed with Dave, listening to the rain fall outside. A rather nice aphrodisiac if i do say so myself.

Ahem…. so this morning it was back to work for me. When working with animals, there’s not much room for time off. It also seems that everything happens on my day off. I can’t even be away for one day without something happening or going wrong. This morning, it was a broken brooding lamp in our tortoise house. Not a big deal. The roof is very low, only a little over 5 ft at the tallest point. I have even bumped my head on the lamps. Someone finally hit it a little too hard.

The next surprise, though pleasant, was the return of the mini horse that left on Friday. He’s a stallion you see. He’s very energetic and very much a punk. He’s a handful..a BIG handful. Apparently, he didn’t work out so well at his new digs. I’m actually laughing as I am so not surprised. It’s a shame, because he would have had a very good home there. He was “Mr. Destructive.” So the little guy has returned to us for now. Who knows how long he will stay?

The rest of the day went along quite uneventful. After getting home, I pretty much spent the afternoon watching tv, conversing with Dave and playing with the pup. yeah… I feel lazy.

Oh I guess another nice positive is, I have a 5 gallon aquarium on my desk at work. It’s been empty for a few weeks, however I finally got around to buying a new resident. He is a dark red Betta fish. So far so good. My last resident was a blue betta, but he suddenly just died. Before him, 2 goldfish and well.. you know goldfish… they always die easily. I’m not sure what I want to name him.. but so far Crimson seems to be a good choice. Any suggestions? I shall have to post a pic of him here soon.